Entrepreneurship is an adventurous journey. It’s less predictable and more demanding than joining established corporations. It’s riskier.

This additional layer of risk is partly justified by the upside potential generated from walking unbeaten paths: the high-risk / high-reward equation.

For employees to be fully part of the entrepreneurial ride, to get a real taste for what risk, performance, and reward mean, it is key that they too be offered the opportunity to be shareholders.

I believe in a workplace where all employees are aligned with the reality of this risk-reward equation, and where they are empowered to benefit from the…

How KPIs bring alignment and transparency to the BlaBlaCar team

Some managers fear transparency, and the lack of control that results from it. They prefer to retain information. I believe that’s a big mistake. What you gain from trusting your own team and sharing learnings from your performance creates way more value for all.

BlaBlaCar has a strong culture of transparency, anchored in some of its core internal principles such as “Share more. Learn more”, which creates space for sharing information and learning from each other, or “Fail. Learn. …

Last December, I shared an article about The Rise of the BlaBlaMafia, a celebration of our growing network of alumni-founders who have gone on to start their own companies. Since the article, funding raised across the network almost tripled (€29 million to €62.3 million) — an incredible show of momentum and promise around this group of entrepreneurs.

Our vision with co-founders Fred and Francis was to instill in our talent the importance of risk-taking and entrepreneurship, from day 1. …

How BlaBlaCar is giving rise to a new generation of startupers.

Nicolas Brusson, co-founder & CEO (left) Fred Mazzella, founder & President (middle) Francis Nappez, co-founder & tech advisor to the CEO (right)

The power of strong startup alumni networks and ecosystems

Startup “mafia” is a concept coined by PayPal in the 2000. Its refers to a network that takes root in one single company, and with talent, mentorship and capital, evolves into a broad alumni network breeding generations of successful startups across the ecosystem.

The first time I was exposed to the power of strong alumni networks and ecosystems was in 1999–2000 with my first job in a Silicon Valley startup. Back then, optical telecommunication was one of the hot topics. As a young physicist, I embarked into an early-stage…

It’s astonishing to think that the activity on the BlaBlaCar platform was close to 0 during the Spring Covid-19 lockdown. We suspended our bus offering, urged members not to carpool to limit the spread of the virus, and put most of our workforce on partial activity.

Despite cutting costs and having little to no activity on our platform, our team knew that this time of uncertainty was almost counterintuitively a time to accelerate innovation. …

BlaBlaCar founders in front of our wall of Principles. Frédéric Mazzella (Left), Francis Nappez (Middle), Nicolas Brusson (right).

Back in 2013, as we entered a long-lasting phase of hypergrowth, our team crowdsourced internal principles that would serve as the foundation for BlaBlaCar’s culture and values, and would evolve over the years. They would allow us to grow far and wide, across countries and markets, while staying true to ourselves and our core mission. We call them our BlaBlaPrinciples.

While we didn’t exactly have a pandemic-induced worldwide travel ban in mind when creating these principles, we knew we wanted them to serve as a compass through uncertain times and help us manage big changes as a team.

And they…

Nicolas Brusson

Co-founder & CEO @BlaBlaCar

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